Local Ballparks Returning To Normalcy

Sports stadiums are returning to normal, and one example of that is Sutter Health Park in West Sacramento.

Video Transcript

KURTIS MING: And sports stadiums are now returning to normal.

ELIZABETH KLINGE: CBS13's Renee Santos is live in West Sacramento tonight. And Renee, not just the excitement for the fans there, but the people who work there as well, right?

RENEE SANTOS: Yeah, very exciting, especially to have fans back in these seats. It's a little different this year when it comes to ordering snacks. You actually have to use your phone with an app to order your food, than those concession workers bring them to your seat. They've been up and down these stairs all day. But they say they'll take it just to have their job back.


Sutter Health Park welcoming back fans for the first time in over a year. It's also a big day for concession stand workers like Caitlin.

- So good. I love it.

RENEE SANTOS: She's been out of a job for months, anxiously waiting to get back to work, excited the day is finally here.

- So blessed to have a job again. I love working here.

RENEE SANTOS: But even she will admit the day has been a little exhausting. It's been a while since she's walked up and down the stands--

- Which is nice, but it's tiring.

RENEE SANTOS: --serving fans.

- Turn it! Turn it!

RENEE SANTOS: Karen Remis getting her first real game-day experience. She was hired just days before the shutdown.

- I only worked actually two days last year. Through orientation and setup, and that was it. I think I made $50. [LAUGHS]

RENEE SANTOS: When she got the call to uniform up and get back to work, she was elated.

- Oh, thank you. Just thank you. I wasn't really sure we'd actually hit it. And then they called and said, "We're back," it was like, "I'm there."


RENEE SANTOS: She's back and already has her work cut out for her, going up and down the stairs, aisle to aisle. Our camera capturing many of her guest interactions, each done with a welcoming friendly hello and a smile underneath the mask.

- I just loved the energy of the ballplayers and the fans. Because people don't go to a ballpark unless they're really into baseball.

RENEE SANTOS: So we have the excited fans, the workers excited to get back to work. But how is the team feeling having fans back in this stadium? We'll have that coming up at 6:00.