Local chefs who create 5-course meals based on albums will honor Detroit native J Dilla this Sunday

For the past 7 months, two local chefs have been curating 5-course meals based on their favorite albums. Chef Amber Beckem and Chef Jermond Booze are the co-creators of the "Vinyl Tasting" experience, a fine dining affair that happens about every two weeks in Detroit. “Detroit and music kind of go hand and hand so we thought this would be a very cool experience to bring to Detroit," Chef Amber said. The pair have created 5-course meals for Biggie Smalls' "Ready To Die" album, Stevie Wonder's "Key to Life" album Tyler the Creator's "Flower Boy," "The Low End Theory" by A Tribe Called Quest, and more. The two say with each menu they create, they work to make sure that each dish somewhat represents the song, group, or place the meal is named after. “So that comes across in many different, right? So Biggie's from New York, I might do a pizza. With Frank Ocean’s "Channel Orange" we tried to think of California vibes so we did a spin on animal fries.” And while pizza and fries sound simple, these meals are definitely gourmet. That pizza from the Biggie Vinyl Tasting series was a Sicilian-style pizza with braised oxtail, fresh mozzarella, caramelized onions, and arugula. Those fries named after the song “Super Rich Kids” by Frank Ocean were confit potato fries with truffle cheese, shishito animal sauce, and braised onion caviar.