Local, Colorado & Federal Law Enforcement Call On Coloradans To Help Thwart Mass Shootings

Representatives from the Denver Police Department, Colorado Bureau of Investigation, FBI and the U.S. Attorney's Office came together to call on the public to help them stop mass shootings before them happen.

Video Transcript

KAREN LEIGH: Local state and federal law enforcement are encouraging the public to report signs that someone could become violent. Denver police, along with the FBI and CBI, hope to prevent tragedies like mass shootings. So law enforcement says that in 80% of domestic terrorism cases, bystanders actually saw signs beforehand, but less than half of them actually reported anything.

MATTHEW T. KIRSCH: Reporting these kinds of concerns doesn't necessarily lead to prosecution. In fact, where it can often lead is to getting help for these people before they engage in violence.

KAREN LEIGH: All of today's speakers encourage people to use the various reporting options that are available, like Safe2Tell.