'Local Dog Mom' Selena Gomez Debuts Her New Puppy

Alyssa Bailey
Photo credit: Splash News


Selena Gomez has been largely out of the public eye since she did her press trip to New York City to promote The Dead Don’t Die earlier this month. But a shot of her emerged on Instagram yesterday, and it got fans buzzing that Gomez just low-key introduced the world to her new dog.

The singer appeared with her friend Anna Collins in an Instagram Collins shared of them on a dog walk. "Your local dog moms 👍," she captioned the shot.

Fan accounts, including TheSelenaRundown and Selenander, recognized the white dog Gomez is holding is the same one that was with her during Coachella in April (its name is apparently Winnie). Collins’ dog Freddy is, meanwhile, with her.

Also crucially, Collins responded to a fan asking what happened to Charlie, the dog Gomez got in 2017. Charlie spent time with Gomez in New York City back when she was dating The Weeknd and got to meet Justin Bieber’s dog Esther during the fall of that year, when she and Bieber were briefly back together.

Photo credit: Raymond Hall - Getty Images

Charlie is alive and well. He’s just living with family now, Collins wrote back, but he sees Gomez often. "He’s with fam and is super happy/visits often 💕" she wrote. "He needed a bigger space and a home with other doggos to play with."

Photo credit: Instagram

Gomez, meanwhile, spoke earlier this year about the importance of friendships like hers with Collins' on her life. "My friends without a doubt have saved my life in multiple situations. I mean that," she told Coach during its Dream It Real podcast. "Because they’re honest, they’re loving, they unconditionally love, they never judge, and they give me sound advice. And all my friends are different: one’s in real estate, one works in social media, one works in foundations. It’s just great. We’re all so different and we love each other."

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