Local Dog Moves Into Semifinals For American Humane Hero Dog Awards

A loving beagle from Butler County is getting some big acknowledgments for his resilient spirit and inspirational story. KDKA's Kym Gable talks to Boone's owners.

Video Transcript

KYM GABLE: New at 7:30, we first introduced you to Bowtie Boone last week, and now, the sweet, loving Beagle from Butler County is getting some pretty big acknowledgments for his resilient spirit and a really inspirational story as well. And joining me now live over Zoom to talk about it is Boone's pet parents, mom Tanya and dad Charlie Diable. So thanks so much for joining us at 7:30. And I have to tell you, when I posted about this on my Facebook page that Boone was going to be a guest today and I put a picture of him up there, like everyone knew who he was. Do you find that, is that happening?

TANYA DIABLE: All the time.

KYM GABLE: Yeah, quite the celebrity. So first, for the folks who don't know about Boone, tell us a little bit about Boone's adoption journey, because this really is such a touching story.

TANYA DIABLE: Well, we have a nonprofit called Joey's P.A.W. And we provided a wheelchair for him, and we were offered to foster and we ended up just falling in love with him and adopting him. I knew right away he would be an amazing therapy dog, and he has been.

KYM GABLE: Yeah. And so tell us what kind of therapy he actually provides, what kind of work is he doing?

TANYA DIABLE: We do, at the airport, the Pit Paws. And we do the Children's Home and Mario Lemieux Foundation. We have kids read to him. He goes into schools for special needs classes. He generally has a really calming effect over anybody that actually meets him.

KYM GABLE: Wow, he has quite an agenda there. Quite a lot of tasks to do. And we're looking at some video of him right now, and tell us about the apparatus too. Because we see dogs who are missing their legs, I mean, this kind of set of wheels really is just life changing for them, isn't it?

TANYA DIABLE: It really is. Actually, the first time we put wheels on him, he actually wagged his tail from the very first time. It was amazing. It's from Handicapped Pets and it's a very lightweight device for him, and he absolutely loves it.

KYM GABLE: Yeah, it looks like it works just great. Wow. So his story has also inspired you to write a children's book that also won a national award. When you have a story like this I'm sure people are like, you've got to write a book, and so you did.

TANYA DIABLE: Actually, I really was wanting to tell his story in a lighthearted version so he could inspire children. When children meet him, they really go to him. And so what's interesting is when we wrote the book people are now asking, when's the next one, and so I'll be working on the next one.

KYM GABLE: Yeah, and that's not the only acknowledgment too. He's moving on now, to what is it, the second round of voting for the 2021 American Humane Hero Dog Awards?


KYM GABLE: So that's how folks who are watching can help, right, tell us about that.

TANYA DIABLE: Yes, it's all from voting and we're so appreciative of that, yes. Well, we're looking forward to seeing what happens with that.

KYM GABLE: Yeah. And we're going to have a link for you and tell you all about how you can vote on our website at KDKA.com. Thank you guys so much for joining us. Boone, good luck.

TANYA DIABLE: Thank you.

KYM GABLE: Hopefully we'll have a local hero dog here soon in Pittsburgh.

TANYA DIABLE: Thank you for having us.

KYM GABLE: Thanks for joining us, guys. All right.