Local Easter Events Return After Cancellations In 2020

An Easter event shut down last year is returning this weekend.

Video Transcript

- Well, an Easter event shut down last year is coming back this weekend.

- But as CBS 13's Rachel Wulff tells us, it'll look a little different.

- Beyond that of the sons of man--

RACHEL WULFF: No matter what your Good Friday service looked like, for many, seeing people back in the pews was a perfect way to celebrate the Easter weekend-- not only a sign of Christ's Resurrection, but the state reopening, as churches, community organizations, and cities look to return to spring traditions like this.

- It's part of our mission is to bring the community together.

RACHEL WULFF: In the past, the Carmichael Recreation and Park District teamed up with other community partners for their annual Easter egg hunt. But when COVID canceled the fund in 2020, they had to come up with another idea for 2021. Leaders sprang into action with a no-touch drive-through bunny carhop at Carmichael Park.

- So there'll be eggs given away and coloring books, activity books. And then, at the very end of the route, we have Peter Cottontail. And he'll be waving.

RACHEL WULFF: The Sacramento Sheriff's Office is hosting similar events and at different locations, including this one at the Boys and Girls Club, and a glow in the dark Easter egg hunt Friday night at Fairytale Town.

- We'd broken up the groups into age groups and different times to be able to be mindful of the COVID restrictions and keep everyone safe. So there's going to be Easter bunny. There's going to be a DJ. There'll be dancing.

RACHEL WULFF: To keep everyone physically distant, they stretched the event into the evening. Because in the end, the community can be physically distant, but not necessarily socially distant.

- We want the community to know that we're still here for them. We want to interact with them. We don't want them to forget about us. We haven't forgotten about them.

- And the glow in the dark Easter egg event at Fairytale town is sold out now though, due to social distancing guidelines.