Local firefighter spreading 'Good Karma' to those in need

A local firefighter and his father take on one of the great challenges in Los Angeles: helping the unhoused on Skid Row.

Video Transcript

- In tonight's SoCal Strong, a local firefighter and his father who are taking on one of the great challenges in Los Angeles, helping the homeless on Skid Row. It's all about good karma, and here's our Marc Cota-Robles.

MARC COTA-ROBLES: There's something good happening in L.A.'s Skid Row, and it all started during the pandemic.

VISHAL NARAYAN: 38 weeks, 14,100 meals served in Skid Row.

MARC COTA-ROBLES: Seasonal firefighter Vishal Narayan started the Good Karma Los Angeles. It's a way of life his father taught him.

VISHAL NARAYAN: Good Karma just means doing something good for someone else. It can be anything. You can help somebody cross the street. You can help somebody hold their groceries. You can open a door for somebody else. What does it mean to you?

- Hot meals. Hot meals.

MARC COTA-ROBLES: In this case, every Wednesday at noon, the Good Karma is bringing free meals, bottled water, and other necessities to one of L.A.'s most vulnerable populations. And during our visit, COVID vaccinations, as well.

SHENIKA LAFRANCES WALKER: In the past month and a half, I've lost three friends to COVID. And they were very clean people, very decent people. So I think people at [? everything ?] people get hesitant, but pretty soon they're going to be marching in like stallions.

VISHAL NARAYAN: Spread that good karma. Use the right terminology. Stop calling the unhoused bums. Call them unhoused. Call them your unhoused neighbors, your unhoused residents, unhoused friends. Have that mutual respect for folks.

MARC COTA-ROBLES: Narayan says it's important to him to mentor L.A.'s youth by being an example of doing what's right, one meal at a time.

VISHAL NARAYAN: I'm going to do this for the rest of my life.