Local HVAC company sees calls nearly double amid cold snap

Bitter cold temperatures are putting a lot of stress on your furnace at home some people are even losing their heat.

News Center 7′s John Bedell talked with a family who recently had their furnace break.

In Washington Township the Roush Family has been without heat after their old heat pump gave out this week.

“We had two problems, but the main one was that the furnace wasn’t holding temperature. And of course, it’s been pretty extreme weather,” Dohn Rouse said.

They are not alone.

At Logan Services’ call center in Vandalia, Abby Bowling takes care of getting service technicians sent to homes for repairs.

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This cold snap has increased their workload.

“Just in the past week, we’ve almost doubled the call volume daily,” Bowling said.

She said most of the calls are for what the Roushes have been dealing with — calls they prioritize for people’s safety.

“A lot of ‘no heats.’ it’s a lot of people that are very, very cold and would like us to get out there as soon as possible,” Bowling said.

Service technicians were at the Roush home Wednesday installing their new heat pump.

The family is looking forward to the work being finished.

“Well, it’ll be a lot nicer not having to put on 40 blankets and wear extra sweaters around the house,” Dohn said.

Logan’s field services supervisor said an important preventive step you can take is regularly checking and replacing your air filter when it’s dirty.