Local Jewish community participates in global prayer vigil for Israeli hostages

PENN VALLEY, Pa. - From Tel Aviv to Philly, people from all around the world came together simultaneously to hold a prayer vigil, this time focusing on the mothers of the men, women and children who were taken hostage by the Hamas terrorists.

In Montgomery County, Beth Am Israel was one of the synagogues that gathered in solidarity.

Deborah Baer Mozes lives in Tel Aviv but is taking a respite with her daughter and grandson in Philadelphia, sharing her friend’s family members are among the more than 200 who are missing.

"In Tel Aviv at this hour, there’s a gathering called Mother’s Prayer to gather people together to pray for the safety and return of the hostages," said Baer Mozes. "I don’t think there’s anyone who lives in Israel that doesn’t know, or either has someone in their family or their friend, or a friend of a friend, so you know it’s a small nation. We all know each other."

Naomi said her son and daughter-in-law have lived in Israel since 2017. She said everyone is taking it day by day.

"They are safe, but I would say nobody in the country right now is OK," said Naomi. "Right now my prayers are with the families who want their loved ones back, and my hope and my prayers for the whole region to reach a moment of peace."

Beth Am Israel will hold another gathering on Tuesday November 7 to mark 30 days since the Hamas attack.