Local loggers show their stuff at 2021 Hoquiam Loggers Playday

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Sep. 14—The 2021 Hoquiam Loggers Playday competition held Saturday, Sept. 11, at Olympic Stadium, as it has for more than half a century, did not disappoint after taking a year off because of COVID-19

A lot of familiar faces were in the competition this year, with mostly local competitors. In the end, Colin Towne was the top local point earner, and Tristan VanBeek took home the all-around logger honors. Full results are below.

The day kicked off with the Hoquiam Elks Grand Parade winding its way through downtown Hoquiam with a variety of entries, including old logging equipment from the Polson Museum and a tribute to first responders who lost their lives during the terror attacks on Sept. 11, 2001. At 2 p.m., the annual Hoquiam Lions Club salmon barbecue sold a lot of fish at the Washington School next door to the competition venue.

The logging competition itself was, as always, fast-paced, fun and loud. There was always something going on with 15 different events happening across the field throughout the competition.

As he has for many years, Ed "Mooch" Smith of Eatonville wowed the crowd with some precision topping, smashing a watermelon with a well-placed cut — splattering longtime emcee Don Bell in the process — before an old Volkswagen Beetle, donated by Norm Callaghan of Gordon's Service in Hoquiam, was wheeled under the log. Mooch dropped it expertly on the roof of the bug with a satisfying metallic crash.

At the end of the competition the lights went out in the stadium for a spectacular fireworks show, which was followed by a new addition, a laser light music show that spread across the stadium above the bleachers.

Loggers Playday competition results. Contestants are listed in order from first place in each competition.

Open power saw

T.J. Bexten, Michael Pakos, Mike Forrester, Mel Lentz, James Lew

Local ax throw

Lee Pickett, Colin Towne, Cole Sterns, Nicholas Strachota, Stephen Davis

Open ax

Mel Lentz, David Moses, Trevor Baker, Mike Forrester, T.J. Bexten


Tristan Van Beek, David Moses, T.S. Bexten, Colin Towne, Mel Lentz

Local power saw

Johnny Boggs, Colin Towne, Brett Roberts, Nicholas Strachota, Ben Emond

Local choker

Johnny Boggs, Nicholas Strachota, Colin Towne, Brady Cummings

Hot saw

David Moses, T.J. Bexten, Mel Lentz, Trevor Baker, Mike Forrester

Open choker setting

Tristan VanBeek, Michael Pakos, Chester Isaacson, Mike Johnson, Drew Adams

Ma and Pa bucking

Mel Lentz and Julie Janke, Tracey Stoken and David Moses, Chester Isaacson and Jessica Karraker, Katie Burnet and Rod Janke, Monica Ewing and Lee Pickett

Local climb

Ben Emond, Colin Towne, Derek Such, Nicholas Strachota, Johnny Boggs

Open climb

Tristan VanBeek, Chester Isaacson, Michael Pakos

Obstacle pole

Tristan VanBeek, Paul Pendergraft, Pat Mahoney, Cole Sterns, Mike Johnson

Local double buck

Colin Tournett and Pat Mahoney, Derek Such and Harry Thayer, Johnny Boggs and Cole Sterns, Nicholas Strachota and Paul Pendergraft, Mickey Huffman and Kris Kain, Bubbles Obermier and Tristan Mefford

Open double buck

Trevor Baker and James Lev, Michael Pakos and Tristan VanBeek, Mel Lentz and Mike Forrester, Mike Johnson and David Moses, Chester Isaacson and Mike Karraker

Log chop

Tristan Van Beek, Michael Pakos, David Moses, Mike Forrester, Mel Lentz

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