Local man named Domino's U.S. Supervisor of the Year

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Jun. 19—Some of Domino's Pizza's best-managed restaurants are right here in Dayton. Chris Krueger, who supervises restaurants across the Dayton area, was named U.S. Supervisor of the Year by the company.

Krueger, who is from Sidney, has supervised restaurants for the company since 2018 and now oversees six restaurants in Beavercreek, Englewood, Dayton and Miamisburg. He started as a delivery driver for the company 14 years ago and worked his way up to supervising. As supervisor, Krueger ensures that general mangers maintain Domino's standards in their restaurants.

"I am incredibly honored and excited to receive this award," Krueger said. "This award means so much to me. Winning is affirmation that I have what it takes in this business. It feels great to be honored for doing something I love."

Three regional winners were chosen from supervisors all across the country, and Krueger was selected as the overall winner at a company ceremony in Las Vegas in May.

When Krueger's boss called him to tell him the news, Krueger said he was silent on the phone for two minutes.

"I was speechless when I found out. I didn't say anything," Krueger said. "It was awesome. I was nervous, very nervous, but it was great to be acknowledged by your peers for something that you do day in and day out."

Supervisors who have been in the position for at least 26 weeks were considered for the award. A Domino's spokesperson said Krueger stood out among the rest because of his ability to lead his restaurants to produce "outstanding results" in sales, profitability and customer satisfaction.

"Chris continues to deliver an unprecedented work ethic and great leadership to the Domino's brand," said Fred Lund, Domino's senior vice president of global development. "This kind of direction takes our brand to the next level and we congratulate him on this great accomplishment."

According to Domino's, 90% of franchise owners began as delivery drivers for the company. Krueger said he was grateful for the advancement opportunities he has earned over the last 14 years with Domino's.

"When I first started working at Domino's back then, it was just a job to me; it was just a paycheck," Krueger said. "But I didn't really know what the brand had to offer as far as where you can move up the line. The big thing is ... if you push yourself and apply yourself, Domino's has a lot to offer people."