Local Man In The Running For 2021 Custodian Of The Year

A local custodian is a finalist in the National 2021 Custodian Of The Year Contest.

Video Transcript

- From helping students locked out of their lockers to handling lunchtime in the time of COVID, a local custodian is a finalist in the National 2021 Custodian of the Year contest. Mike Heiry works at North Allegheny intermediate High School. Caitlin Oung, the school principal, nominated him for the award, saying he is one of the most friendly and dedicated people in the building and of all time.

Not only that, they say Mr. Heiry always goes out of his way to make sure students and staff are in a safe and clean environment. I talked to him today about what it means to be a finalist.

MIKE HEIRY: I'm thrilled. I'm very honored, and you know, it's been an amazing ride the last couple of weeks. There's nine custodians in the building. I'm the head custodian. Yeah, other guys that work with me are great, so I have to give them a lot of credit, too. Without their help and their support, I wouldn't be able to be here either.

- He was the most humble. The finalist who gets the most votes will win a $35,000 grand prize, and you still have time to vote for our Pittsburgh Custodian. It's open until April 16. That's next Friday. For more information on how to vote, just head straight over to KDKA.com.