Local organizations receiving $800,000 in investments from City of Dayton

The City of Dayton has announced the newest investments of Dayton Recovery Plan funds following approval of contracts by the City Commission, according to a news release.

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The Ronald McDonald House will receive investments of $500,000 and the Boys & Girls Club of Dayton got $300,000 to support new or improved facilities crucial to the non-profits’ missions.

“These two organizations have a demonstrated history of making a difference in the lives of families and children, and the City of Dayton is please to support them through the Dayton Recovery Plan,” said Shelley Dickstein, City Manager. “Their renewed commitment to their missions through facility improvements will have a positive impact in Dayton neighborhoods as well.”

Funding for both awards will be provided through the Dayton Recovery Plan’s $7.3 million Aiding Community and Small Business Recovery component, the release said.

This section of the plan focuses on supporting community health and wellness, assisting small business and organizations, and providing educational opportunities.

The Ronald McDonald House funding will support architecture and design fees as well as engineering fees, according to the release.

The Boys & Girls Club of Dayton will use the Dayton Recovery Plan funds for construction/renovation services at its West Stewart facility, including electrical, plumbing and other services.

The Dayton Recovery Plan is a $138 million framework for community Covid relief and investment for the future, made possible by the American Rescue Plan Act, according to the City of Dayton.