Local Special Olympics Florida Athlete Receives Surprise He Never Saw Coming

CBS4 Photojournalist Mitch Cuba was there when Iandy Miyares got the news his dream of attending the 2022 Special Olympics USA Games is coming true.

Video Transcript

- New at 6:00, the surprise a local Special Olympics athlete never saw coming. Andy Miyares has dreamed of attending the 2022 Special Olympics USA Games. And now, with some help from a sponsor, Andy's dream is a reality. CBS4 photojournalist Mitch Cuba was there when he got the news.

ANNA MARIA MIYARES: With Andy, my life turned into a complete fairy tale.

DANIELLA LEVINE CAVA: And I am here to let you know that you have just won a ticket to go to Special Olympics 2022. And here are your tickets. You're going to be swimming Open Water Swim, representing Team Florida and Special Olympics 2020 USA Games.

ANDY MIYARES: Thank you, you guys, for everything.

- Oh. We're so proud of you.

PATTI ROLAND: We have been partnering since 2010 for a month of giving with local charities. And this year we decided, with their one-year out, getting ready to go out and absolutely have a great big year for the Special Olympics.

LINSEY SMITH: He's one of over 500 athletes that will be representing Team Florida.

ANDY MIYARES: Through the pandemic, I'm training a lot every day, more in each afternoon. The one does support it. Everything is my family.

ANNA MARIA MIYARES: What can I say one more time? Here I am, 82. I hope he gets all the strength in the world to continue.