Mountain Lion Prowls Streets in Great Falls, Montana

A man in Great Falls, Montana, was surprised to spot a mountain lion wandering around town as he drove on January 17.

This video, taken by Matthew Winkle, shows the mountain lion on 9th Street North.

“The mountain lion was spotted earlier crossing a nearby street then ducked down some rail tracks. [My] video started when I drove to the other end of the tracks to try to catch it coming back out. After the video was shot, I called the police and tailed the cat for several minutes before the cops arrived. As of right now the cat is at large, apparently she gave the cops the slip,” Winkle told Storyful.

The Great Falls Police Department said the mountain lion was spotted again early on January 19.

“Please be cognizant of your surroundings, including looking up into trees. And be sure to keep a close eye on small pets,” police said. Credit: Matthew Winkle via Storyful

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