All the local township races, candidates this November

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Jul. 21—In addition to the County Council, sheriff and commissioner races, there will be several local township races on the ballot Nov. 8.

Townships are some of the oldest forms of government. Their typical responsibilities include fire protection and financial assistance.

According to the Howard County Clerk's Office and recent candidate filings, here are this year's township candidates:

Center Township trustee

Democrat: Andrew Durham

Center Township Board

Republican: Linda Koontz, incumbent; Debra Rahe, Tommy Cleaver

Democrat: Steve Geiselman, incumbent; Natalie Guest Born, incumbent; Kenneth Ferries

Center Township assessor

Republican: Tanner Heady

Democrat: Sheila Pullen, incumbent

Clay Township trustee

Republican: Nicole Cothern

Clay Township Board

Republican: Clee Oliver, Neva Boyce

Ervin Township trustee


Ervin Township Town Board


Harrison Township trustee

Republican: Joyce Ancil

Harrison Township Board

Republican: Jason Lemons, Mark Ancil, Harley Griswold

Honey Creek Township trustee

Republican: Kirk Smith

Honey Creek Township Board

Republican: Anita Kanable, Teresa Miller, Timothy Von Zell

Howard Township trustee

Republican: Rochelle Tryling

Howard Township Board

Republican: Gregory Tryling

Jackson Township trustee


Jackson Township Board


Liberty Township trustee

Republican: Troy Beachy

Liberty Township Board

Republican: Rita Kingseed, Kristina Zirkle, Cali Dewitt

Democrat: Robin Hainlen, Laurenda Hurst, Rachel Jenkins

Monroe Township trustee

Republican: Deborah Ervin-Asberry

Democrat: Paul Dorisse

Monroe Township Board

Republican: Linda Johnston

Democrat: Keith Olmstead

Taylor Township trustee

Republican: David Ancil

Democrat: Paul Munoz

Taylor Township Board

Republican: Steven Stackhouse

Democrat: Colson Shepherd

Union Township trustee

Republican: Michael Foland

Union Township Board