Local VFW hall in need of help to avoid closing permanently

The pandemic has stalled efforts to raise money to fix the hall and it's now in danger of being shut down for good.

Video Transcript

- A new effort on Long Island to save a VFW Hall. The hall has fallen into severe disrepair, and the pandemic has stalled efforts to raise money to fix it. Well, now, it is in danger of being torn down or shut down, I should say, for good. Eyewitness news reporter Darla Miles shows us how the community is working together to save the hall.

COMMANDER SABRINA LACY: When I came here, these guys embraced me. And they said to me, Sabrina, don't worry about that. You want to hear my story?

DARLA MILES: For many veterans, this building is a life saver. It's how they survive at home after surviving a deployment.

COMMANDER SABRINA LACY: I feel heartache, because I don't want this place to close.

DARLA MILES: VFW, 6431 in Brentwood, is in danger of closing permanently. Closed during the pandemic, it has no rental income and has fallen into disrepair. Thursday afternoon, Congressman Andrew Garbarino, entrepreneur Brock Pierce, and a group of local veterans made a public plea to raise money for repair.

ANDREW GARBARINO: We need to make sure that these places can reopen, that they are safe for veterans, that they can provide that sort of outlet that they need, so they are not stuck at home alone.

DARLA MILES: $60,000 to $100,000 is needed for a new roof, $40,000 to $60,000 for interior damage, and that doesn't even include the parking lot and the grounds.

BROCK PIERCE: I'm here to contribute financially as needed, as much as needed. And I call upon you for your support. www.savethevfw.com to learn more and to contribute.

DARLA MILES: A cause and a calling for Commander Lacy.

COMMANDER SABRINA LACY: I want this place to be fixed up ready for when they come back with their ailments, and they need somewhere to come and someone they can trust.