Locals deal with another major storm in Florida

Hundreds of flights were canceled Thursday after a major storm made landfall in Florida, according to FlightAware. The 75-plus mile per hour winds closed some of Florida’s busiest airports. That is impacting travelers locally.

When you show up at Logan Airport on a sunny fall day when it’s in the 60′s — you don’t expect weather problems. “Little bit of a delay. 30 minutes,” said one traveler heading to the mid-west.

The flight board had a plethora cancelations and delays. Florida is dealing with another hurricane but this storm dissipated quickly to a tropical storm. “We were supposed to fly to Miami this morning,” a couple said. Their flight, like many others, was canceled. “So then we had to leave the gate, rebooked and now theoretically we are flying to West Palm Beach and then traveling over to Miami,” they said, “maybe rent a car, maybe Uber, maybe a train. We were just worried about getting down their first.”

Another young passenger also had places to go. He’s trying to get his family to their 8-day Caribbean cruise out of Fort Lauderdale. “We are a little concerned,” the mother said, “we had two days extra so if anything we would just drive down. But that is worst case scenario”

Work trips are also in limbo. Ashley Morales-Garcia Cedeno is trying to connect with her Florida colleagues in Colorado for a medical conference. “Their flight has gotten delayed until later so they are going to miss some of the events,” said Morales-Garcia Cedeno, “it really is unpredictable.”

The Costello’s got up in Salem to go visit family in Florida. So far so good. “And there is a lot of people looking to be bumped because there was like 75 flights that got canceled yesterday and now they are going to do anything they can to get on my plane,” said Costello.

Massport recommends checking directly with your airline for delays and cancelations but Logan also has an app that tracks flights. It is not only Florida flights being impacted.

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