Locked-down pub becomes Ireland's first wildlife hospital

Animal Manager of Wildlife Rehabilitation Ireland, Dan Donoher, said the hospital is preparing for 'orphan season'

Video Transcript

DAN DONOHER: So we've just taken in some swans, some buzzards, and this little pigeon here. And we're bracing themselves for orphan season, which is our busiest time of year. So we get lots of baby birds, baby foxes, et cetera. And that will keep us busy for the next six months.

AOIFE MCPARTLIN: And I think nature has saved a lot of people through the pandemic, you know? So I think that's probably one of the reasons that they're coming to us now and they're aware of us. They're just generally more aware of wildlife and they know they exist, and we co-exist.

JAMES MCCARTHY: I guess like the main thing I would take from it is we were very much accustomed to just one singular way of living. And when that's taken away, you're just kind of left with a void. And it takes some time before it starts getting replaced with other things that you never would have thought were possible before.