Locked-down Spanish see Germans flock to Mallorca

Tens of thousands of Germans are planning last-minute Easter getaways to Spain's sun-kissed islands.

But Spaniards themselves can't because of a travel ban. That's not going down too well.

"In Spain we can't move between regions because of the lockdown but foreigners can arrive at Barajas (airport) and spread infection. It seems like foreigners do not infect, but Madrid residents and the rest of Spaniards have to stay home."

Those foreigners do need a negative test result to fly in, but given that countries like France and Germany currently have high infection rates, top health official Fernando Simon described the situation as "incongruous."

Lufthansa's discount carrier Eurowings has set up 300 extra flights to Mallorca over Easter.

And while Berlin has removed parts of Spain, including Mallorca, from its coronavirus-risk list, hotels in Germany itself are closed.

The contradictions aren't lost on some German tourists either, even ones about to hop on a flight to Mallorca.

"From the Spaniards' point of view I can totally understand it. Quite honestly, travelling during times of coronavirus is a privilege and so I have to admit that overall, it's rather irresponsible."

Despite widespread grumbling, the return of sun-seeking Germans will provide a welcome shot in the arm to the ailing tourism industry.

Foreign visitors to Spain fell 80% to 19 million in 2020, the lowest level since 1969.

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