Lodi forecast: An atmospheric river runs through it

Jan. 27—While weather in the Lodi area is expected to be moderate the next few days, experts are predicting another atmospheric river could bring a strong storm system by Thursday.

An atmospheric river is a flowing column of condensed water vapor in the atmosphere that's responsible for producing significant amounts of rain and snow. The Lodi region was hammered by two atmospheric rivers to begin 2023, and David Houk, a meteorologist with AccuWeather, a private forecasting service, said another one could arrive in the area by mid-week.

He said an upper level ridge expected in the northern part of the state will begin moving east and bring a plume of moisture to the valley.

"As it moves east, there will be a big storm system coming in," he said. "It could wait until Wednesday night, it might come in Wednesday afternoon. There will be a difference on how much rainfall this will produce. There is potential for a pretty big storm system with a couple inches of rain in the valley."

According to www.accuweather.com, temperatures will be in the high 60s Sunday thorough Tuesday with partial clouds, but there will be a 75% chance of rain in Lodi on Wednesday afternoon, with temperatures in the mid-60s.

Thursday and Friday will see temperatures in the high 50s, with an 80% chance of rain both days.

Showers are expected both mornings, as well as afternoon rain.

Next weekend will be cloudy, but no rain and temperatures in the high 50s. Houk said one component of next week's storm that remains up in the air whether whether or not there will be wind. He said there is a potential for gusts to be as high as 40 miles an hour.

And while last year's storms brought heavy flooding to the area, Houk said rivers in the region look to be in good shape.

"We're not concerned (with rivers or flooding) at this point," he said. "But there is definitely a system coming in, and that should usher in a big pattern change against the fair weather we're going to have over the next few days, and then see again once the storm passes."