London Mayor mocks Truss, Kwarteng over markets

STORY: The government sent financial markets into panic last month after Kwarteng delivered a plan to cut taxes, mainly benefitting the wealthiest, without detailing the impact on the public finances or how ministers would reform the economy to spur growth.

Speaking at a Reuters Impact climate conference in central London, Sadiq Khan said, ''To be fair, Liz Truss did tell us she was planning to hit the ground from day one. She just never told us she was taking the pound with her.''

The London mayor was speaking to business leaders at the event to urge them to invest in climate solutions.

In a critical dig at the new conservative government's climate policy, which has seen Truss reverse a ban on drilling for natural gas, Khan stated that: "while the doors of Whitehall might be closing to climate action, the doors of City Hall will remain wide open for as long as I'm in office."