London streets are not safe, admits Prime Minister Liz Truss

London streets are not safe, admits Prime Minister Liz Truss
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London's streets are not safe enough, the Prime Minister admitted on Tuesday.

Liz Truss said efforts to tackle crime in the capital had to be improved and vowed that more police officers would be employed if the UK saw economic growth.

Asked whether she felt comfortable walking home at night with her two teenager daughters, she told LBC: "Look, we need to do more to make our streets safer and one of the important points about generating economic growth is it will help us afford more police officers.

"It will help us make sure that we are properly protecting our streets.

“But if you're asking me are streets in London safe enough? No, they're not."

The Metropolitan Police has been thrown into chaos in recent months and put into special measures following a number of high profile scandals, including the murder of Sarah Everard by serving officer Wayne Couzens.

Data shows that between 2016 and the end of last year, 141 women and girls were killed either as victims of murder or manslaughter in London.

Over the summer, the capital saw a string of stabbings and shootings.

Ms Truss laid some of the blame at the feet of London Mayor Sadiq Khan and said Home Secretary Suella Braverman would be laying out plans to tackle violent offenders.

She added: “The Home Secretary is going to be publishing league tables so that the public understand exactly what the situation is in the area.

“I want to see the London Mayor do more to tackle crime in the capital.

“It isn't good enough at the moment.”

Mr Khan has called for an additional 1,700 police officers to help tackle violent crime in London and pledged to use £17.7m investment to help ensure all domestic and non-domestic violence victims have “equal access to justice and services”.

A London Labour spokesman said: “Sadiq’s top priority is keeping London safe, which is why he has invested more than any previous Mayor in tackling crime and its complex causes.

“London has bucked the trend by bringing violent crime down while it has risen across the country after more than a decade of Tory cuts to the police and youth services.

“With more devastating cuts to come under this disastrous Government, the Mayor won’t take any lessons from this Tory government on how to keep London safe.”