London Zoo counts its residents in annual census

STORY: London Zoo carries out its annual animal count

The audit will take almost a week to complete

(Dan Simmonds / Zoological operations manager, London Zoo)

''We're going to be counting in the region of 14,000 animals and nearly 400 species so a huge undertaking for the keepers here and something that's really important for us to complete each year.''

Many new additions arrived in 2022, including a western lowland gorilla and two tiger cubs

'In 2022 we've had some new arrivals here at London Zoo, probably the star of the show has been Kiburi, a silverback western lowland gorilla who has been introduced to our resident gorillas here and has been a massive hit with all of the visitors at London Zoo who have come to see him. In terms of breeding at the zoo itself, we've had a couple of Sumatran tiger cubs born which is really important because Sumatran tigers are one of the most endangered cat species on the planet.”