London Zoo reopens its gates to the public

London Zoo reopened its gates on Wednesday (December 2) as England emerged from a month-long lockdown.

The zoo's chief operating officer, Kathryn England, told Reuters it felt "really good again" to welcome visitors back to the zoo, which relies completely on entrance fees to maintain the expert care of its 20,000 animals.

The Zoological Society of London (ZSL) charity, which runs the zoo, had been calling on the public to book tickets ahead of the reopening following a total of 15 weeks closure in 2020.

England said coronavirus was the first thing to shut down the zoo since the Blitz in World War Two.

Video Transcript


- OK. If you can get your tickets ready.

- How're you doing? Nice to see you, too!


- To Tenbury Wells, and it was prettier.

- Go on then. Frank, Frank, Frank, Frank, Frank!

- Here, come here.

- Wow! Look, girls. Sophia! Wow! Sophia, look!


- Say, hi Santa!

- He's not stuck up the chimney right now.

- Sorry.


- Is he a tortoise?


- Am I in your way again?


- Am I in your way?