Long-awaited Lyme vaccine test begins

Researchers are seeking thousands of volunteers in the U.S. and Europe to test the first potential vaccine against Lyme disease in 20 years -- in hopes of better fighting the tick-borne menace.

Video Transcript

- Ready?

- Yeah.

ANNALIESA ANDERSON: We're very excited that we're initiating our phase III study to test the safety and efficacy of our investigational Lyme vaccine. We call it VLA15, and it's a vaccine that's caused by the six most common types of Lyme bacteria.

ALAN KIVITZ: Ever since we learned of this trial several months ago, we've had people on a waiting list waiting to be notified. So absolutely, we have people who are interested, who have been waiting to hear that the study is opening.

ROBERT TERWILLIGER: I'm very excited. I'm hoping it works. This way, I won't have no worries. You know, I go out in the woods, and enjoy myself, and if I find a tick on me, I'm good. I don't have to worry about anything, you know?