Long Beach officials unveil new Pride lifeguard tower

Long Beach city officials unveiled a new Pride tower on Thursday. The original one was burned in March and is being investigated as arson.

Video Transcript

- A new and improved pride lifeguard tower unveils moments ago in Long Beach.

- The community rallied together after its predecessor was burned down in March, and a suspected arson case, and community journalist Eric Resendiz is live in Long Beach, where the celebration is just wrapping up, Eric.

ERIC RESENDIZ: David, Ellen, Hello. It's like a small pride celebration out here. Hundreds of people showed up and they're still hanging out taking selfies with the new pride tower. Elected officials and dignitaries also showed up for this big and important day for the community of Long Beach. Now it was really a community effort to make this happen.

After the tower burned in March, elected officials rallied and as well as community members to make this big moment happen. Now many folks said that this rainbow painted life guard tower is a representation of the pride flag and stands for so much. And for so many in the community. Now take a listen to what Mayor Robert Garcia said.

MAYOR ROBERT GARCIA: It's just an immediate sense of pride, of inclusion, obviously as a gay person, as a queer person, seeing that just makes you feel welcome, and supported, and as mayor of this community. I was just really proud, and immediately I once told the lifeguard, did that, not just the lifeguards, but lifeguards that are also that identify as LGBTQ wanted to make sure that there was a symbol.

ERIC RESENDIZ: And city officials also said the fire is still under investigation, and it has been classified. As arson now, back out here live, the celebration continues, and the work doesn't stop here today. Elected officials also said that they're going to work on adding a plaque to the tower, they're going to be also adding a pathway for wheelchairs, and also creating a space for events and celebrations.