Long Island Family Hoping To Raise Money For Wheelchair Accessible Van

There's hope for a Long Island family, their children living with rare health conditions. Their community is coming to the rescue; CBS2's Jennifer McLogan reports.

Video Transcript

- Hope for a Long Island community. They're children living with rare health conditions. Their community is coming to the rescue. CBS2's Jennifer McLogan reports from Hempstead village.

JENNIFER MCLOGAN: Paul Navarro Jr. has made it through 73 surgeries. His sister Adryana has had 19.

ADRYANA NAVARRO: Spina bifida is like I'm not able to walk. I have limited mobility in my legs.

JENNIFER MCLOGAN: Paul can stand for a limited time. They both live with hydrocephalus.

PAUL NAVARRO JR: Hydrocephalus is a buildup of fluid in the brain.

JENNIFER MCLOGAN: Wheelchairs do not hold them back from sports of all kinds. Both are stellar students, Honor Society, at the Viscardi School. Paul is college bound.

PAUL NAVARRO JR: I plan to go to Farmingdale to study global business.

ADRYANA NAVARRO: I would like to become a teacher because I love kids.

KAREN NAVARRO: They are truly amazing. We call them our heroes.

PAUL NAVARRO: They're extremely brave for what they've been through, all the surgeries, the hospital stays. They are they don't complain.

ADRYANA NAVARRO: The most difficult part is getting in and out of the car. I have been dropped multiple times.

JENNIFER MCLOGAN: Lifting their children safely into the vehicle is a constant struggle for parents, Karen and Paul Sr. The community joined the parents initiative to raise funds for a wheelchair accessible van. They are almost halfway to their goal.

PAUL NAVARRO JR: We desperately need a van that will help us just fit our chairs into it and not having to struggle lifting my sister and I up.

ADRYANA NAVARRO: I want to be able to go out and be like a normal kid. [SOBBING]


PAUL NAVARRO: We just want the best for our children. So, you know, I pray every night.

JENNIFER MCLOGAN: The children believe they're blessed to live in such a loving home, hoping their goals of college and future success will eventually ease their parent's financial burden. From Hempstead, Jennifer McLogan, CBS2 News.

- Wow, what an extraordinary family. The parents drive the children to and from school. Paul Navarro begins as a commuter student at Farmingdale in September. And a GoFundMe page has been set up to help the family. You can find a link at CBSNewYork.com. We wish them the best.