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Long Island Officials Hope For Funding To Fix LIE Potholes

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When President Joe Biden unveils his $2 trillion infrastructure plan Wednesday night, people who have braved the Long Island Expressway's potholes will be listening closely; CBS2's Jennifer McLogan reports.

Video Transcript

DANA TYLER: When President Biden unveils his $2 trillion infrastructure plan tonight, people who brave the LIE's potholes will be listening closely. Drivers complain to us about these road conditions, calling them terrible. Tonight, CBS 2's Jennifer McLogan looks at what can be done now about these highway craters.

CHARLES FRACAPANE: I hit a pothole.

JENNIFER MCLOGAN: Charlie Fracapane, welcome to the Long Island Expressway pothole club. Four flat tires in four weeks.

CHARLES FRACAPANE: The last time I brought my car in to fix the tire, there were 13 other people in there for the same reason.

JENNIFER MCLOGAN: Driving from Manhattan to the East End especially dangerous from exits 50 to 70, says the Allen family.

- It's absolutely scary. And you know, you want to swerve out of the way.

- The phone sometimes flies off the dashboard. There really are a ton of potholes.

JENNIFER MCLOGAN: This is what it looks and feels like. We counted a dozen flats in one morning.

THOMAS SUOZZI: It's worse now than ever before. And we need a massive infrastructure package to come out of the federal government. Democrats and Republicans need to work together, and we need to pave our roads, especially the state roads with the Long Island Expressway.

JENNIFER MCLOGAN: In the Biden infrastructure funding package, a Senator Schumer spokesman tells us, Long Island is a top priority.

LAURA CURRAN: The more investment we have in our infrastructure, the better. I know we're getting help from the state. We're awaiting help from the federal government.

JENNIFER MCLOGAN: Motorists are unwilling to wait. Some plan to sue the state for tire and rim replacement.

- And I pulled over and the tire was flat and everything.

- There were too many cars to try to maneuver around. And that's why we hit the pothole.

JENNIFER MCLOGAN: Damon Reed, on his way to drive for Suffolk Bus.

DAMON REED: I suddenly had a flat, and these tires were just put on like a month ago. One of my lugs is stripped and I can't get it off, so I have to get a tow.

JENNIFER MCLOGAN: Local lawmakers want to squeeze Albany to guide already-delivered federal funds to Long Island state roads now.

KEVIN MCCAFFREY: The governor needs to make investments into our roadways. The fundamental problem here is many of these roads have just been patched.

JENNIFER MCLOGAN: Taxpayers say they deserve better than patchwork. They want a safe, resurfaced LIE. The state DOT says it's monitoring and addressing road conditions. From the Long Island Expressway, Jennifer McLogan, CBS 2 News.