Long Lines Seen Outside Paris Shops as New Lockdown Measures Set to Begin

Long lines were seen outside Paris clothing stores on March 19, as new lockdown measures were put in place in response to a third wave of COVID-19 infections in the country.

The restrictions are less stringent than past measures. They affect Paris and other hard-hit areas, but are not nationwide.

New COVID-19 cases have crept up in recent months, fed by a strain first monitored in the UK, which now makes up around 75 percent of all new infections in France. Meanwhile, France’s vaccination program has lagged. As of March 19, some three percent of French residents have been fully vaccinated.

This footage was recorded outside a Zara store in Paris on Friday. Hairstylists, clothing stores, and furniture shops will be closed during the lockdown, according to reports. Credit: Kamel Touati via Storyful