Long-time Ugandan leader Museveni casts vote

The government in the East African country of nearly 46 million people ordered an Internet blackout until further notice on Wednesday (January 13), a day after it banned all social media and messaging apps.

Reggae artist and lawmaker Bobi Wine, 38, is channelling the anger of many young Ugandans who say former guerrilla leader Museveni, now 76, is an out-of-touch dictator failing to tackle unemployment, corruption and surging public debt.

Museveni, who has been in power since 1986, calls Wine an upstart and says his administration guarantees stability and progress, including much-needed hydropower dams and roads.

There are 17.7 million registered voters and results are expected within 48 hours.

Video Transcript

- Driven now to the polling station. There he comes, and he's going to do it. He normally does it much earlier than today, but I think because of the morning chill that came down--

- Election is like-- I mean, he's voting. In the morning it was a bit rainy. Agents at the polling station.

- OK.

- [NON-ENGLISH SPEECH] I think that's why--

- Taken through. He's been taken through the ballots. Is that the ballot paper or something?

- Yes.

- And that's where he is. So he does, actually, exactly what everybody has done. And his is very clear that-- if the stations close at 4 o'clock, then we're only counting 25 minutes until--

- And by now, most other people have voted.

- And actually, by now.

- To have advantage over the rest. But the problem has been after the elections to go down to organi--