Longmont-area real estate, commercial deals; Sept. 12, 2021

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Sep. 12—Trust deeds

This list includes trust deeds (to secure repayment of a loan) of $750,000 or more. Information includes the borrower, lender, address or legal description of the property, date the trust deed was filed and amount.

Alice H. Haverstock, HUD, 741 Hallmark Lane, Longmont, 08/25/2021, $780,000.00

Alice H. Haverstock, Fairway Independent Mortgage Corp., 741 Hallmark Lane, Longmont, 08/25/2021, $780,000.00

Monica L. and Jon M. Walton, JPMorgan Chase Bk, 856 Limestone Drive, Erie, 08/26/2021, $980,000.00

Tobey Jean Schultz, Crosscountry Mortgage LLC, 8983 Walker Road, Niwot, 08/26/2021, $826,500.00


This list includes deeds (conveying title to a property) of $350,000 or more. Information includes the seller, buyer, address or legal description of the property, date the deed was filed and amount.

120th Chase LLC, Fort Sutter Properties LLC, 09/02/2021, $2,910,000.00

Bermudez Family Joint Revocable Trust, Samuel R. Claassen, 238 River View Court, Longmont, 08/26/2021, $506,000.00

Blueskye LLC, Marvin L. and Janice L. Fleming, 1343 Gay Circle, Longmont, 08/26/2021, $490,000.00

Bowes Properties LP, Ian and Stephen Lahood, 1927 12th Ave., Longmont, 08/26/2021, $425,000.00

Calatlantic Group Inc, Debra Ann Cramer, 1552 Burke Aly, Erie, 08/26/2021, $461,300.00

Chester E. Jr. Martine, Laura L. and Mark A. Omark, 1218 Milner Lane, Longmont, 08/26/2021, $485,000.00

Christopher M. and Rebecca L. Crandell, John J. Mattis, 7776 Nikau Drive, Longmont, 08/26/2021, $660,000.00

Clifford R. Matsumoto Revocable Trust, Charles David and Sarah Louise Mitelhaus, 7253 Spring Creek Circle, Niwot, 08/26/2021, $1,360,000.00

Danny G. and Danny Jr. and Julia Long, Rowlin L. Lichter, 977 Pasque Drive, Longmont, 08/26/2021, $378,000.00

David A. and Rebecca I. Williams, Jesse and Danielle Alberts, 1418 Lombardi St., Erie, 08/25/2021, $582,000.00

Deborah Casey and David L. Hart, Christopher Heather Planishek Revocable Trust, 1907 Larson Court, Erie, 08/25/2021, $725,000.00

Douglas R. and Jennifer M. Meredith, Steven and Rebecca Monaghan, 1529 Prairie Hawk Drive, Longmont, 08/26/2021, $620,000.00

Eric Berg, Jennifer Ross, 711 Bowen St., Longmont, 08/25/2021, $580,000.00

Garth C. Reynolds, Edward J. and Annette Rotthoff, 2005 Sicily Circle, Longmont, 08/26/2021, $835,000.00

Ht Flatiron LP, William Lyon Homes Inc., 08/26/2021, $3,180,600.00

Jeffrey N. and Brooke D. Whorlow, Sara Braly Byrd, 1600 Amherst Drive, Longmont, 08/25/2021, $474,900.00

John C. Power, Opendoor Property Trust I, 1866 Spruce Ave., Longmont, 08/26/2021, $488,800.00

Joseph Bremerman, Ishwari and Bishnu P. Pandey, 1525 Sepia Ave., Longmont, 08/26/2021, $505,000.00

Kb Home Colo. Inc, Hesheng Li, 1236 Granite Way, Erie, 08/25/2021, $491,900.00

Lara Jo Kelsey Iacometti, Till Riehm, 1511 Lark Bunting Place, Longmont, 08/25/2021, $649,000.00

Linden Park LLC, Zillow Homes Property Trust, 3541 Larkspur Drive, Longmont, 08/26/2021, $559,000.00

Max W. and Roxanne D. Bond, David Ramzi Rahbany, 226 Jade Way, Lyons, 08/25/2021, $672,400.00

Meritage Homes Colo. Inc, Marc Pisha, 387 Western Sky Circle, Longmont, 08/26/2021, $696,500.00

Michael R. and Peggy M. Shell, Accept Holdings Relocation LLC, 7344 Meadow Lane, Niwot, 08/25/2021, $997,000.00

Mike Inki and Erica Kim, Tobey Jean Schultz, 8983 Walker Road, Niwot, 08/26/2021, $870,000.00

Nash Anthem LLC, Epic Homes Anthem Highlands LLC, Vl, 08/31/2021, $1,050,000.00

Nicole Peskin, Borja Azpeitia Molina, 4240 Prairie Fire Circle, Longmont, 08/25/2021, $705,000.00

Richmond Am Homes Colo. Inc, Lori J. and David C. Welch, 114 Western Sky Circle, Longmont, 08/25/2021, $859,700.00

Ronald L. Plucinski, Tom T. Sesnic, 7740 Manila Place, Longmont, 08/26/2021, $790,000.00

Sandra Kay Cordova, Kaya Ventures LLC, 16 University Circle, Longmont, 08/25/2021, $620,000.00

Shelby Lynn Hart, Andrew Reed Gentry, 2613 15th Ave., Longmont, 08/25/2021, $538,000.00

Stephen L. and Betty Jean Tedford, Ryan S. Cornell, 502 Highway 7 Business, Allenspark, 08/25/2021, $489,000.00

Toll Co. LP, Corey and Chelsey Earwood, 1131 Limestone Drive, Erie, 08/25/2021, $881,000.00

Traci Brulotte, Sanjay and Bejoy Banerjee, 1375 14th Ave., Longmont, 08/26/2021, $646,000.00

Vista Highlands Devl. Corp, Ent Credit Union, 09/01/2021, $1,575,900.00

Western Winter Sports Representatives Assoc, Georganna Campbell and Susan Lynn Florosgarrison, 726 Tenacity Drive, Unit B, Longmont, 08/26/2021, $475,000.00

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