Longmont-area real estate, commercial deals; Aug. 15, 2021

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Aug. 15—Trust deeds

This list includes trust deeds (to secure repayment of a loan) of $750,000 or more. Information includes the borrower, lender, address or legal description of the property, date the trust deed was filed and amount.

3rd Avenue LLC, Firstbank, 1120 Third Ave., Longmont, 07/29/2021, $1,000,000.00

Brock and Heather Lindsay, Luminate Home Loans Inc., 1469 Flowers Court, Erie, 07/29/2021, $791,000.00

Dan and Amanda Mones, Alpine Bk, 9255 Ogallala Road, Longmont, 07/29/2021, $2,224,000.00

John R. Peterson, Quicken Loans LLC, 4318 Heatherhill Circle, Longmont, 07/29/2021, $1,190,000.00

Joseph F. Jr. and Dolores G. Donahue, Am Liberty Mortgage Inc., 1405 Bluemoon Drive, Longmont, 07/28/2021, $900,000.00

Julianne C. and Clinton J. Sigg, United Wholesale Mortgage LLC, 6419 Legend Ridge Trail, Longmont, 07/29/2021, $1,250,000.00

Nathan and Danielle Hammernik, Tbi Mortgage Co., 2498 Claystone Circle, Erie, 07/29/2021, $750,095.00

Philip John and Jennifer B Stephens, US Bk, 8258 Greenwood Place, Longmont, 07/28/2021, $1,122,500.00


This list includes deeds (conveying title to a property) of $350,000 or more. Information includes the seller, buyer, address or legal description of the property, date the deed was filed and amount.

Aaron H. Nelson, Margarita Sierra Arreola, 2119 Frontier St., Longmont, 07/29/2021, $450,000.00

Accept Holdings Relocation LLC, Jason R. Van Peeren, 1503 Brimble Drive, Erie, 07/29/2021, $520,000.00

Amanda and Youssef Elkhateeb, Ian J. and Melissa A. Blackstone, 1306 Laurel Court, Longmont, 07/28/2021, $505,000.00

Antonio and Rafaela De Santiago De Enriquez, Ryne Sherman, 1906 Lincoln St., Longmont, 07/28/2021, $405,000.00

Arcenio Sandoval, David Zeh, 1331 11th Ave., Longmont, 07/28/2021, $417,500.00

Beacon Properties LLC, Katherine Bachman Karaus, 625 Martin St., Longmont, 07/28/2021, $566,000.00

Bryan Henry Hylenski, Hannah Kastein, 1109 Gay St., Longmont, 07/28/2021, $425,000.00

Donald E. Peters, Terry and Sandra Olschlager, 1640 Golden Bear Drive, Longmont, 07/29/2021, $517,500.00

Evergreen 287 Arapahoe LLC, Alvarado Devl. LLC, 07/29/2021, $651,200.00

Gerald F. Cole, Nicholas Joseph and Patricia Dever Cavaleri, 704 Hayden Court, Longmont, 07/29/2021, $540,000.00

Hpa II Borrower 2020 2 LLC, Jenelle Ehrlich, 1012 Kelly Place, Longmont, 07/29/2021, $454,100.00

Jacqueline and Collette and Richard Cook, Layra Nicli, 500 Lashley St., Unit 6, Longmont, 07/29/2021, $350,000.00

John Jr. Mieras, Rachel Horstman, 604 Terry St., Longmont, 07/28/2021, $604,100.00

Jonathan Georgitis, James Taylor, 804 Vivian St., Longmont, 07/28/2021, $525,000.00

Kb Home Colo. Inc, Timothy J. Thompson, 1300 Granite Drive, Erie, 07/29/2021, $529,700.00

Larry E. and Christine L. Mathias, Mustafa Dane, 2632 Pheasant Drive, Longmont, 07/28/2021, $684,000.00

Lynn and David Voorhees, Breanne and Devon Connor, 113 Jackson Lane, Erie, 07/28/2021, $435,000.00

Mark and Mary Munroe, Iog Real Estate 1 LLC, 947 Neon Forest Circle, Longmont, 07/28/2021, $799,500.00

Matthew C. Kenworthy, Keith Kauffman, 2210 Dexter Drive, Longmont, 07/29/2021, $495,000.00

Meritage Homes Colo. Inc, Thomas Arthur Duermeier, 383 Western Sky Circle, Longmont, 07/29/2021, $722,000.00

Michael Meshek, Kathleen Campbell, 23 Second Ave., Allenspark, 07/28/2021, $490,000.00

Remington Homes Co, Carolyn and Alexander Bondarovich, 07/28/2021, $720,600.00

Remington Homes Co, Patrick S. Schneider, 07/29/2021, $747,400.00

Richard G. and Phyllis V. Ashe, Joseph L. Lee, 5240 Bella Vista Drive, Longmont, 07/29/2021, $795,000.00

Richmond Am Homes Colo. Inc, Nathan and Stanley Pinder, 113 Western Sky Circle, Longmont, 07/28/2021, $749,700.00

Robert and Lynn Scribner, Dan and Amanda Mones, 9255 Ogallala Road, Longmont, 07/29/2021, $2,780,000.00

Rosemary Pearson, Leigh W. Murphy, 1305 Kestrel Lane, Unit F, Longmont, 07/28/2021, $431,500.00

Russell H. and Sharon Floyd, John R. Peterson, 4318 Heatherhill Circle, Longmont, 07/29/2021, $1,400,000.00

Scribner Living Trust, Peter C. and Donna P. Mathias, 641 Brennan Circle, Erie, 07/29/2021, $575,000.00

Susan J. and Stephen J. Leclair, Cheryl Streit, 07/29/2021, $780,000.00

Swj Invest Co, Third Avenue LLC, 1120 Third Ave., Longmont, 07/29/2021, $1,450,000.00

Toll Co. LP, Nathan and Danielle Hammernik, 2498 Claystone Circle, Erie, 07/29/2021, $1,029,200.00

Toll Co. LP, Allen and Kara Knott, 2491 Claystone Circle, Erie, 07/29/2021, $782,500.00

Toll Co. LP, Arlynn Alice Ilgenfritz and Michael Andrew John Memsic, 1232 Limestone Drive, Erie, 07/29/2021, $778,500.00

Tommy Lee Sloan, Molly Johnson, 1413 Venice St., Longmont, 07/28/2021, $405,000.00

Tyson E. B. and Amber N. B. Russell, Christie Porschen and Patrick Daniel Acton, 203 McConnell Court, Lyons, 07/29/2021, $902,000.00

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