Longtime family business in Wilkes-Barre to close

Dec. 2—WILKES-BARRE — In deciding to close the business started by his great uncle 95 years ago Hussein Kazimi relied on his head more than his heart.

A huge sign, announcing the closing and heavily discounted sale of handmade rugs, has been hung at the 33 W. Market St. storefront of M. Abraham Importer.

"My heart wants to keep it open forever," Kazimi Thursday said.

But Kazimi has do to what's in the best interest of his family. "It's not an emotional decision that I can make," he said.

The passing of his father Ali last year was just one of the factors that played into the decision to close, a discussion Kazimi, 41, had with his dad as they watched the attraction of the downtown as a retail shopping destination diminish and $3,000 rugs give way to other purchases by people of his generation.

"It's not something that would surprise him," Kazimi said, adding his father would support the decision.

The liquidation won't pull the rug out from underneath Kazimi, however. He's got his own business, M. Abraham Floor Covering in Pittston to run.

"I started this flooring company in 2008," Kazimi said. It's grown from a few employee to approximately 100 and specializes in commercial and residential flooring.

There is no set date for the closing of the Wilkes-Barre store where Kazimi learned the business and a photo of founder Mohammad Ibrahim Abou Ghnnam hangs on a wall. Selling the property has already been taken care of as well, Kazimi said.

Still the closing might not be the end. "Who's not to say one day I might sell rugs here," Kazimi said.

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