Look Back ... to a vote to eliminate portable classrooms, 1999

Feb. 12—Feb. 12, 1949: The date fell on a Saturday during a 12-year period (1940-52) when The Star didn't publish on that day of the week.

Feb. 12, 1999, in The Star: At Gov. Don Siegelman's request, the Alabama Board of Education voted two days ago to compel school officials to eliminate about 3,472 portable classrooms before spending bond dollars on other construction. The governor said portable classrooms bring about a higher likelihood of injury to children by lightning strike, fires or school violence. Also this date: With the start of the legislative session 2-1/2 weeks away, the influential Business Council of Alabama added momentum to Gov. Siegelman's lottery proposal by support a statewide referendum on the issue. BCA president Bill O'Connor said yesterday the group's board voted overwhelmingly that "the people of the state deserve the right to express their opinion on the education lottery proposal."