Take A Look At The Food Options At Camden Yards This Season

If you're going to see the Orioles play this year, you can enjoy these new food items at Camden Yards.

Video Transcript

NICOLE BAKER: Yeah, we heard that a little flex earlier. He said he was live from the press box. But we are live with the chef of the day.

RICK RITTER: There we go. We're trying to top that.

NICOLE BAKER: Exactly. Chef Rimolo. He's here with us. It's actually your first opening day with the Orioles. How are you feeling?

CARLOS RIMOLO: A little nervous but confident. You know, got a great team behind us, a great management team, associates. And everybody, I think, is just super excited to be back and charged up and ready to go. You know, we're excited to have fans here. And you know, we just welcome everybody back after, you know, a long year.

NICOLE BAKER: And you've been cooking-- he's been up cooking since 3:30 this morning.

CARLOS RIMOLO: Yes. Yes, we have.

NICOLE BAKER: Tell what you've been working on.

CARLOS RIMOLO: Just working on some of our new concepts. So we have our new Charm City Diner rolling out today, it's first appearance. So in this diner, we'll have some patty So basically, it consists of white American cheese, a burger, caramelized onions, and our patty melt secret sauce.

We also have a Saratoga pit beef sandwich. So it's pit beef. We'll add some horseradish sauce, caramelized onions, sliced provolone, arugula.


CARLOS RIMOLO: Yeah, a nice--

NICOLE BAKER: Everything we want.

RICK RITTER: Everything we want right now.

CARLOS RIMOLO: We're serving also chili dogs there. So you can get your chili and cheese dogs. We're also doing gravy fries, cheese fries. Everything from, you know, your nostalgic diner, we're just bringing that feel here to the ballpark. And you know, [INAUDIBLE].

RICK RITTER: You talked about some healthy options. I mean, when I come to the ballpark--


RICK RITTER: I don't really want to talk about that.

NICOLE BAKER: The calories don't count today.

CARLOS RIMOLO: You know, but I mean--

RICK RITTER: Some people want that stuff. So tell us what you've got.

CARLOS RIMOLO: So we will-- in some areas, we'll have some grab-and-gos in concerts and little markets. We'll do chicken Caesar salad, Caesar salad. We have like an ancient grain salad, which basically consists of like quinoa and some brown rice, and you know, just natural, healthy items in there-- some [INAUDIBLE], some sun-dried tomatoes.

We're also doing acai bowls. Which, you know, acai is pretty trendy right now. How many we sell, that's a whole other thing. But we're definitely offering them.

RICK RITTER: All right, so if you're working on that beach body, they've got the options.

NICOLE BAKER: Yeah, you can have a little fun and balance it out.

RICK RITTER: I want to point out real quick, Chef Carlos has done stuff with the Atlanta Braves, the New York Mets, the Jets, the Giants. And he says that this ballpark and today, one of the most special experiences that he's had.

CARLOS RIMOLO: Definitely. It's a nostalgic ballpark. And like I said to you guys earlier, like just being here in the morning when it was dark out, no fans, like you know, just looking at the stadium, it's breathtaking honestly.

It's a beautiful ballpark. And I've helped here before, so that was one of the things that made me want to come back. You know, it's just nostalgic, something about it.

RICK RITTER: And it's one of the most beautiful stadiums in all of sports.

NICOLE BAKER: Yeah, we're biased, but it's true.