A look at Google's April Fool's jokes over the years

In 2019, Google announced flower-translating Google Tulip technology.
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After years of digital pranks published in honor of the first of April, Business Insider reported late last week that this year's joke will be skipped due to the seriousness of the coronavirus outbreak.

In honor of Google's annual April Fool's Day jokes, the 2020 iteration of which will be skipped due to the company's focus on their COVID-19 efforts, we're taking a look at some of the pranks Google pulled over the past five years.


Last year, Google published a video introducing Google Tulip, an AI-powered flower that can translate words from tulip language ("Tulipish") to a handful of human languages.


Two years ago, Google Israel announced the Google Cloud Hummus API, a tool that uses AI to find the hummus dish perfectly matched to each person's individual tastes.


In 2017, Google Netherlands announced Google Wind. Because it rains so much in Holland, this technology would uniformly control windmills in the country to blow away clouds before they start sprinkling water.


In 2016, Google Japan announced Furikku, a keyboard that lets users flick the keys instead of press them.


Finally, a half a decade ago, the company announced the Smartbox by Inbox, a smart mailbox for the outside of your home that's temperature-controlled and tablet-equipped and can open at the wave of a hand.