LOOK: Images, video of fire as fans leave Arrowhead Stadium after Chiefs win

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The Kansas City Chiefs defeated the Denver Broncos 22-9 in Week 13, marking their fifth consecutive win of the 2021 NFL season.

One could say the team is currently on fire, but fans were greeted with a different type of fire when they left Arrowhead Stadium after the game. A number of fans captured images and video of a large brush fire near traffic as they waited to exit the south parking lot. The fire was located away from the stadium, but still quite close to bystanders as they headed home after the game.

Chiefs fan Chad Pittenger shared a photo which Josh Webb then shared on Twitter.

Another Twitter user, Jacob Farrell shared a video driving right past the fire on their way out of the Truman Sports Complex.

Twitter user Clay Hedges shared another video of the fire as he walked alongside the road nearby.

Twitter user Niko. B shared a video of the fire looking much more contained. It also appears to show the fire department responding to the situation.

It’s unclear how the fire started. With dry and windy conditions, there has been some speculation that a lump of hot coal from tailgating could have sparked the blaze. According to Chiefs Digest’s Matt Derrick, a team spokesperson said the fire has since been put out.


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