Looking back on a Saturday full of severe weather

Extreme meteorologist Reed Timmer traveled throughout the Texas panhandle on March 13, seeing dense fog, pounding hail and a powerful tornado.

Video Transcript

REED TIMMER: I'm along Highway 287 to the southeast of Amarillo. Completely socked in with fog with this incredibly deep moisture this early season across the Texas panhandle with a moderate risk in place for an anticipated tornado outbreak this afternoon and this evening across the central and eastern Texas panhandle. Definitely one of the most substantial severe weather setups I've chase in the Texas panhandle in years. And this is definitely a dangerous situation here.

- Thanks.

- Wow, yeah, that thing's still [INAUDIBLE]

- Yeah.

- I don't think they're going to be able to see it in the field though.

- No?

- No.

REED TIMMER: A lot of splitting supercells, a lot of big hail. But that tornado threat is going to ramp up. Even a possibility of a couple of intense tornadoes as well.

- Right in front of us. Debris on the right! Debris on the right!

- Oh, wow.