We’re looking for the best locally owned coffee shops in the area. Share your favorite

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As the temperatures continue to dip in the Treasure Valley, nothing fights away the cold like a good cup of Joe.

The Treasure Valley has always been coffee-crazed, from the ‘90s when Boise had the most coffee shops per capita in the nation to the more recent third-wave craft coffee movement that’s swept through the area.

Although any coffee is good coffee, local coffee is even better: The beans are freshly roasted, the pastries are often baked in the area, the local economy is happy.

That’s why we’re getting ready to kick off the Idaho Statesman Coffee Shop Bracket! We want to know your favorite coffee shops in the Treasure Valley. What local business gets you out of bed in the morning or gives you that crucial afternoon boost?

While we all enjoy a quick trip into Starbucks, we’re looking for Idaho-owned coffee shops. All submissions will be entered into our bracket, which you can then vote in. Neckar vs. Flying M Coffeegarage? Push & Pour vs. Form & Function? It might just happen.

You can submit your favorite coffee shops in our survey below. Have more than one favorite? Just refresh the page and submit a second option!

Give your favorite caffeine purveyor some love! Submit your suggestions by 10 a.m., Friday, Jan. 21.

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