Looking for a place to fish in Florida? Fishing Pier Finder can help

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Looking for a spot in Florida to drop a line in the water and do some fishing? The Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission (FWC) can help in a big way.

The FWC launched its new Florida Fishing Pier Finder to assist fishermen locate publicly accessible freshwater and saltwater fishing piers, jetties, fishing-specific bridges and fingers throughout the state. The site, which includes color-coded dots for different types of structures (bridges, piers, etc...), lists more than 600 locations.

The interactive fishing pier locator is provided to assist those who might not have a boat or enjoy fishing from shore.

The FWC said the majority of these fishing locations are free, however in locations where a fee is required the agency said almost all have a pier license that covers resident and non-resident fishermen.

Fishing structures, which can extend a few feet into the water or 2,000 feet into the water, can be located in a variety of ways using the site’s map — by feature (bridge or pier), county, city or feature name.

The FWC said the recreational fishing industry contributes $8.3 billion to the state’s economy each year.

The FWC said the Florida Fishing Pier Finder is best when used with a laptop computer, tablet or a device with a larger screen.