Looks like Auburn football is awkwardly backing out of all those orange jersey teases

AUBURN — Maybe Auburn allowed everyone to get a bit carried away.

After two days of teasing a potential rare orange jersey, it looks like Auburn football is awkwardly backing out. The football team's social media accounts posted a photo of what appears to be the jersey sleeves that the Tigers will wear Saturday (2:30 p.m. CT, CBS) when they face No. 23 Penn State (2-0). It's a regular navy blue home jersey with orange and white stripes on the arm.

"Tradition," the tweet says, in an apparent reference to what players Owen Pappoe and Derick Hall said Monday when asked if they would like to wear orange jerseys.

Pappoe said orange would be "sweet," but he was doubtful because Auburn is "real traditional." Hall also called the school traditional.

Auburn has not regularly worn orange jerseys since the late 1970s, during the Doug Barfield era. Early this week, ahead of the "orange out" game against Penn State in which fans are asked to wear orange, Auburn's social media accounts started posting photos winking at the idea.

The online community took it seriously.

From orange jersey Photoshop mockups to news articles (ahem) and word-of-mouth rumors − "I don't know if we'll have orange jerseys," one fan told a local coffee shop employee Thursday morning − speculation ran rampant. Coach Bryan Harsin was even asked for his opinion.

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"It's something people would be excited about, especially your younger crowd," Harsin said. "But you're asking a guy that came from a (Boise State) program that we had probably 25 different combinations of uniforms. ... If it was something we were able to do, it wouldn't be something I'd be against."

Fans might have simply gotten their hopes up too much. But who knows? This could all be an elaborate ruse for a last-second reveal.

This article originally appeared on Montgomery Advertiser: Auburn football might be backing out of teasing orange jerseys