It Looks Like Mark Zuckerberg Has Finally Responded To Kanye West's Request For Money

Ryan O'Connell

By now, it’s not news that up and coming rapper/fashion mogul/aspiring everything Kanye West is having some financial problems when it comes to banking his lofty dreams. He might also be having some mental issues, as well, but we don’t want to speculate/joke about that. What we do know is that, for about a week now, each passing day has been highlighted by a lengthy Kanye Twitter rant. They really do prove to be a cure for that pesky 2:30 p.m. feeling.

Yet the most popular Twitter diatribe by West was the one anchored by his asking Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg for a cool billion. You know, some seed money for “Kanye West ideas.” Of course, West dropped this modest proposal on Twitter, prompting a bevy of “you should have asked him on Facebook” jokes. I mean, come on, as if the dude who created one form of social media is on another form of social media. Oh wait, maybe he is. Either way, West’s salvos to Zuckerberg were left unanswered.

Unanswered on Twitter, at least.

Cue this fella Steven Grimm, a software engineer for Segovia Corporation, making one of the aforementioned “you should have asked Zuckerberg on Facebook” jokes on Facebook. Harmless enough. You most likely saw at least a handful of some version of the joke in your own Facebook feed. The difference between you and Grimm, though, is that the one and only Mark Zuckerberg is a friend of his on Facebook, meaning that Zuckerberg saw Grimm’s post (which has since been deleted). Lucky for us, though, the fine folks at BroBible caught a screen shot of Grimm’s status update, pointing out a subtle hint at what Zuckerberg’s response to West might be.

Better luck next time, Kanye. Maybe you can see what Tom from Myspace is up to.

(Via BroBible)

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