Lordy! 2005 Lexus IS300 Is Powered By Toyota's 2JZ-GTE Turbo Unit

Calum Brown
2005 Lexus IS300

This 2005 Lexus IS300 is unlike most. Powered by Toyota's 2JZ-GTE Turbo engine, you've got the perfect blend of power and comfort

Unless you are proficient in the way of Lexus, the IS300 appears rather bland. As a styling exercise to stir the soul and engage the driver, the ‘baby Lexus’ provides all the charm of a budget laptop.

Usually driven by those who couldn’t care less about cars, the IS300 is therefore overlooked by those seeking foreign automotive power. However, this 2005 specimen from Driver Motorsports may change your perception.

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While it could be argued that the Lexus IS300 would only ever appeal to a limited audience –screaming of low market value versus high running and repair costs – we believe the vehicle’s time is coming. Especially in tuned form. 

As enthusiasts continue to be priced out of German sedan ownership, and models akin to Toyota’s Supra spiral upwards on the value ladder, this particular IS300 provides an intoxicating blend of both – because it’s masking some performance secrets.

The black Lexus may appear mostly stock from a quick glance at the exterior, but this machine is far from factory standard. Upon opening the hood, you’ll find a Toyota 2JZ-GTE powerplant lurks beneath, boasting a large top mount Borg Warner S366 Turbo.

2005 Lexus IS300

The unit swap has been undertaken to perfection, leaving the engine bay clean and tidy. It honestly looks as though the car left the showroom in this form. 

Completed using nothing but high-end parts, including the AEM Infinity ECU to ensure peak performance, this is an IS300 on steroids. It drives with all the comfort of a Lexus when prowling around the city streets, yet pulls like a freight train under heavy acceleration. 

2005 Lexus IS300

Further performance aspects include an aftermarket cast exhaust manifold, wastegate and down pipe, alongside a custom aluminium intake and Koyo radiator. There’s also a CX Racing intercooler and JVC head unit for good measure.

So, should you quite fancy the idea of Supra performance with the practicality of a BMW sedan, then look no further. You can get a closer look at the modified 2005 Lexus IS300 with Driver Motorsports.

2005 Lexus IS300

Source: Driver Motorsports