Loretto Hospital CEO under scrutiny for vaccinating 200 at Oak Forest church

Loretto Hospital CEO George Miller is under scrutiny after having the hospital vaccination team travel to his church in Oak Forest to administer shots to 200 people in February.

Video Transcript

CRAIG WALL: Yeah, Judy and Rob, the hospital Board of Directors just announcing that it has reprimanded CEO George Miller, as well as COO Anosh Ahmed, for what was described as mistakes in judgment. The Board saying in a statement that, "while it is the estimation of the Board that all reported events stemmed from a sincere desire to vaccinate as many eligible Chicagoans as possible-- especially people of color-- as quickly as possible, we acknowledge that actions were taken that fall outside the scope of The Loretto Hospital's core mission."

Loretto Hospital CEO George Miller under scrutiny after having the hospital vaccination team travel to his church in Oak Forest to administer shots to 200 people on February 4 and 27. In a video posted by Valley Kingdom Ministries International, Apostle H. Daniel Wilson presented Miller a thank you tribute for doing it, telling the congregation they were college fraternity brothers and longtime friends.

JASON ERVIN: I would encourage them to stay local. I mean, we've got plenty of people out here on the West side of Chicago that have not been vaccinated. So we've got plenty of work right here in our own backyard. So as I say, charity begins at home.

CRAIG WALL: A spokeswoman for Loretto Hospital said Miller got the approval from the Chicago Department of Public Health to vaccinate the church members because they met all the requirements. Today, Dr. Allison Arwady did not deny the hospital got permission, but said, there were two problems. First, the people at the church were not eligible.

ALLISON ARWADY: Added to that, of course, is the larger concern, but it seems that they have prioritized vaccinating people who were well-connected. Really letting them jump the line.

CRAIG WALL: The city has since suspended Loretto Hospital's vaccination supply while an investigation is done. Loretto was the site of the first vaccinations in Chicago. But in the last week, Miller has come under fire for vaccinating hotel workers at the Trump Tower, and for allowing some Cook County judges to get shots when they were not eligible. Some West side leaders concerned that people who live on this part of town might not be able to get vaccinated because Loretto's supply has been temporarily halted.

- Our community has been underserved and we certainly want-- while they sort out the Miller situation-- we don't want Austin to have to pay.

CRAIG WALL: Today, Dr. Allison Arwady tried to allay those concerns saying that the city's actions against Loretto will not impact the vaccine distribution over here for people in the Austin community. But she said she also was disappointed in what the hospital has done.