Loretto Hospital Leadership Under Fire After Ineligible People Receive COVID Vaccine

Loretto Hospital's board met Monday afternoon, amid revelations the hospital gave vaccines to well-connected people who were not eligible to get it. CBS 2's Jim Williams reports.

Video Transcript

- Welcome back to this special edition of the CBS 2 News at 4:30.

- Thanks for joining us. The heat is on at Loretto Hospital for how it distributed the COVID vaccine.

- CBS 2's Jim Williams joins us live. Jim, the hospital's board is meeting this very afternoon.

JIM WILLIAMS: Erica and Brad, the board is meeting amid revelations that Loretto Hospital gave the vaccinations to well-connected people who were not eligible to get it. That led the city to stop vaccine shipments to the hospital. Mayor Lori Lightfoot talked about it today.

LORI LIGHTFOOT: I fear that we're going to hear more stories, which is why we pushed pause on giving Loretto new first doses.

JIM WILLIAMS: Vaccine administered by Loretto Hospital that was supposed to be earmarked for the hospital's West Side community, which has been heavily hit by COVID. Instead, Loretto says it gave some of the shots to dozens of workers at Trump Tower downtown, to some Cook County judges,

GEORGE MILLER: Good morning, Valley Kingdom Ministry International.

JIM WILLIAMS: And gave the vaccine to 200 members of Valley Kingdom Ministries, a church in suburban Oak Forest, 30 miles from the hospital, where Loretto's CEO George Miller is a member.

LORI LIGHTFOOT: They've got to have better systems in place, better controls. They've got to have better data infrastructure to make sure that they can track people who they're supposed to be serving. So there's a lot of work that needs to be done.

JIM WILLIAMS: Now we are still waiting to hear what the Loretto hospital board will decide to do. Mayor Lori Lightfoot said she does not expect the hospital to get any shipments of the vaccine any time soon.

We're live. Jim Williams, CBS 2 News.