Los Angeles councilman threatened by woman with knife at event to launch campaign for mayor

A witness said the woman showed up at the campaign launch of Joe Buscaino and announced, “I’m going to start killing people.”

Video Transcript

- You all are not touching me. I didn't touch nobody. Play the video back. I didn't touch nobody.

- Caught on camera, police arrested a woman who identified herself as Angel after they say she almost assaulted LA Councilman Joe Buscaino at the Venice Beach Boardwalk. Witnesses heard death threats.

NICK RUDERMAN: And I looked her in the eye and she says, I'm going to start killing people.

- Officers seized a knife and put her in handcuffs. People who live in the area say the suspect is known to cause violence. Buscaino was announcing his campaign for LA Mayor when the chaos broke out.

JOE BUSCAINO: Homelessness is dangerous for everyone in the city of Los Angeles, and how ironic, on the day that I'm launching my Safer LA Plan in relation to the homelessness issue, that this happened on the Venice Boardwalk.

- Look at this. Just yesterday afternoon, a man sucker punched at Oceanfront Walk near Rose Avenue along the boardwalk. Blindsided and hit in the head. Medics rushed him to the hospital. Fortunately, he's expected to survive.

ALEX VILLANUEVA: It just illustrates the level of danger that's out there for residents, people that live here, people that have businesses here. This is at a crisis point. We need to change the equation. And we are going to be that game-changer.

- Sheriff Alex Villanueva activated the department's homeless outreach services team, directing them to have compassionate conversations with the homeless.

GEFF DEEDRICK: And there's been thousands of hours of intense outreach to those that are vulnerable down here, but this situation has gotten out of control for many different reasons.

- Lieutenant Deedrick says they're dealing with a mix of different populations in these homeless tents. People who are simply camping out and down on their luck, while others are violent criminals and suffering from drug addiction and mental illness, requiring social services and housing.