Los Angeles man seen trying to douse raging fire with garden hose

Edmund DeMarche
·1 min read

Helicopter footage over a fire in Los Angeles on Tuesday showed a man on a roof doing his best to tame the blaze armed only with a garden hose.

Fox 11 reported that the fire broke out in South L.A. The fire was first reported as a dumpster fire, but it eventually grew and threatened nearby structures. The man could be seen walking on the roof in an effort to prevent the fire from spreading and destroying the property. The report said that it was unclear if the man was a homeowner or a Good Samaritan.

At one point, the smoke grew thicker and began to billow upward. The individual with the hose was forced to step back. Firefighters arrived at the scene and the man eventually got down from the roof.

Fire officials told the station that there were no injuries. One of the reporters from the station said it was unclear if the firefighters knew he was on the roof, because they would have ordered him away from the scene.