LOTR: The Rings of Power Cast Answer 50 of the Most Googled LOTR Questions

The cast of Prime Video's The Lord of The Rings: The Rings of Power answer 50 of the most Googled questions from fans of the franchise. Watch as Morfydd Clark, Lloyd Owen, Cynthia Addai-Robinson, Maxim Baldry, Benjamin Walker and Owain Arthur answer questions like; What is Middle-Earth? How old is Sauron? When does The Lord of the Rings take place? How tall are elves?

Video Transcript

- - This is Wired's fifty most asked questions - About Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power [snappy music] - Let's begin.

- How do the rings of power work?

- With magic.

- They're not battery powered.

- Fingers.

- Well one has nun chucks, the other one has a bow staff, - We're in trouble already.

- They can enhance, kind of the power that one already has but they can also corrupt.

It's a double edged sword, the ring of power.

Which Middle Earth character are you?

I am Galadriel, who is an elf from Valinor, one of the oldest elves in Middle Earth, older than Ulmo.

- I play Queen Regent Miriel, and she is the leader of the island kingdom of Numenor.

- I am Durin.

- I'm a sailor on the island of Numenor called Isildur.

- I'm Elendil, the tall.

- I am Gil-Galad, King of the Elves, and you know, giver of Numenor.

[laughs] - Not me, particularly, we do.

- Who is Galadriel in Lord of the Rings?

- She's a very old and powerful mythical elf, and I am playing her in The Rings of Power.

- Who has the Rings of Power?

- Which ones?

Ooh, didn't see that one coming, did you?

- Okay, how many, - Cause there's like 19.

- Is there?

- You need to read the books.

I get a bunch, Celebrimbor gets one, - I think she's gonna get one.

- And the bad guy gets one.

- Spoiler alert.

- [yells] - How old is Sauron?

- Old.

- Old.

- Thousands and thousands of years old.

- Since the beginning of time basically.

- Where was the Rings of Power filmed?

- Detroit.

[laughs] New Zealand.

- In and around Auckland, and some location stuff on the south island.

- If you were lucky enough.

- Does Middle Earth have bees?


- I imagine the Hobbits and the Harfoots would like a bit of honey - They're flowers, so let's say there are bees.

- Yeah, but the bees are enormous.

[laughs] - How big are Dwarves are Harfoots?

I think we're, 3 foot 54, no 4 foot?

Four foot and a half?

[speaking over each other] - What's shorter, who's shorter?

- A Harfoot would be smaller.

- Harfoots are smaller.

- That sounds like a dwarf opinion.

- Pfft.

We're much taller than the Hobbits.

- My stool is lower than everyone else's on this table so I feel a little bit like a Harfoot and a dwarf here.

- Are we taller than you?

- Most dominant, no.

- I think we are.

- Hm, no.

We're, we're, - I reckon, Elendil, Elendiel the tall - Well, I mean, he, you know, had joint problems.

- Is Mordor Lord of the Rings?

- So Mordor is where Sauron resides during the third age full of fire and darkness.

- Well, if you think about it, Celebrimbor is a lord, and he makes the rings, - So in my opinion, he is the lord of the rings.

- How many kingdoms in Middle-earth Second Age?

- Okay, let's list them.

- Lindon, - Kingdom of Numenor, - Yes.

- Kingdom of - Khazard-dum.

- Mhm.

- Eregion.

- Well, is Eregion a kingdom?

- Good question.

- I mean, I'm going with Mordor.

- Yeah, the orcs, yeah.

So six.

- Six, yeah.

- Who is Valar?

- It should be who are the Valar.

- Like Mount Olympus, you've got Zeus, which would be Iluvatar, and beneath him are the kind of demigods which are the Valar.

- Sort of like angels, right?

- Yeah.

What is an Orc?

- A baddie.

- Well, he originally was an elf.

- A fallen elf.

- It all goes back to the elves.

- Who is Elrond in Lord of the Rings?

- He's related to me, Isildur.

- He's a half elf, he chose to be an elf instead of a human.

- Could you see the judgment in the pure elf there about the half elf?

[laughs] I felt it.

- How many Lord of the Rings shows are there?

Just one, I think.

- I mean there's ours, could be others.

- That's the only show.

- A few cartoons, there's some films, - Some games, - Some radio plays.

- What's a Harfoot?

- It's a small person.

- They're a prototype of a Hobbit.

- Yeah, like a predecessor.

- They're emotional, kind, and brave.

- Who directed the Lord of the Rings shows?

- We have three incredible directors.

- J.A.

Bayona, - Wayne Yip, - And Charlotte Brandstrom.

- Who is Melkor?

- The origin of evil.

- Or the dragon in NeverEnding Story, [laughs] Oh no, that's Falkor.

- Is Hobbit Lord of the Rings?

- I would say yes to that.

- Yeah, definitely.

- It's the original book that J.R.R.

Tolkien wrote.

- The book of The Hobbit is set before The Lord of the Rings, but the ring is in The Hobbit.

- Is in The Hobbit.

- Can there only be one lord for all rings?


- Yes.

- Well, I'd say, the baddie thinks so.

- Yeah, and I would agree with him.

- Sauron wants to be the lord of the rings.

- He made one to make himself - [in unison] the lord of the rings, but he's lost it.

- How small are elves?

Ah, very small.

- That's a bit passive aggressive, how small are elves?


- That is a bit messed up.

How grand are elves, I'll accept.

- Does the ring give you powers?

- Yeah.

- Superpowers, you can fly, I'm joking.

- Are there wars and battles in Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power?

- Yes.

- Yes.

- What are the races of Middle-earth?

- Elves, - Dwarves, - Ents, - Humans, - Numenorians, who are humans but - Special humans, - Yeah.

- Super Humans.

- The Harfoots, - Goblins, - Balrogs, - Not really a race though, are they?

- Imagine if we're all wrong on these questions - Yeah.

- And we just, - We've enjoyed being in the show.

[laughs] - How long is the Second Age?

3, 2, 3, thousand years?

- It is 2 thousand years, - I think it's almost 4 thousand years.

- Long, but very adventurous.

- Who wrote the Lord of the Rings?

- 3,2,1 - [in unison] J.R.R.

Tolkien - Jrr Tolkien.

- Where does Lord of the Rings take place?

It takes place in Middle-earth, which is part of Arda.

- Why is Sauron mad?

[laughs] - I like that question, - That's a really existential question.

- Why is he, why is he mad?

He's power hungry, he wants it all for himself.

- He's after absolute power.

- But he doesn't think he's mad, that's what's scary.

- Well, we never do.

- When does Lord of the Rings take place?

Well there's a first, second, and third age.

- The Lord of the Rings takes place in the third age, which is thousands of years after our show.

- Where is Middle-earth?

- In Arda.

- [in unison] in Arda.

- Bang in the middle of the road.

- That's simply put.

- Um, yeah, uh, yeah.

- In the Lord of the Rings: Rings of Power, who arrives in Middle-earth via comet?

- A stranger.

- A strange man.

[talking over each other] - The Stranger.

- What kind of answer is that?

The nobody.

- The nobody.

- What source of power did Celebrimbor use to create the Rings of power?

- Mithril.

- Thank you.

- He built a forge as hot as dragon's breath and as bright as a star.

- Are Lord of the Rings elves immortal?

- Yes.

- They are.

- However, it's not quite as simple as they live forever because they sometimes die and then they go to the Halls of Mandos where they have to wait a bit, and then they can come back into a new body, is that correct?

Or is it the same body?

- I don't know, I stopped listening about halfway through.

- Glorfindel came back.

- Are there wizards in the Rings of Power?

- Watch and see!

Wait and see.

- [sings] - What Middle-earth race are you?

- If you get this wrong, [laughs] - I am a dwarf.

- We're Numenorians, - Proud Numenorians.

- Only because the elves gave them the place but they get really upset about that.

- Oh!

[talking over each other] - And Ben's a small elf.

- How much did the kings of Numenor know about the Rings of Power?

- Zip.

- I don't think they knew anything about them - Yeah - Until Pharazon decides he was more powerful than anyone else.

- And then they ultimately became the Nazguls, so it wasn't a good ending.

- When is the Second Age?

- After the first.

- And before the third.

- What is Middle-earth made of?

- Dirt?

- No, in the - Oh!

I got the question wrong.

- You can even read.

- What is Middle-earth made of?

- The ocean, surrounded by the sundering seas.

- But what's to the East of it?

All the way, all the way, all the way to the East, because I don't think it's surrounded, I don't think it's an island, is it?

- The ocean, water.

- Everything's an island when you zoom out far enough.

- It's in the middle of water.

- What is the new Lord of the Rings about?

It's about the Rings of Power.

- It's the quintessential battle between good and evil.

- Also, about different groups coming together for a common cause, the common cause of defeating evil.

I like the idea of that.

- Who is the most powerful person in the Lord of the Rings universe?

- Don't, don't jump too quickly guys.

- Elendil.

[laughs] - I think you have to watch the show to see that one.

- What is Sauron doing in the Second Age?

- Being naughty?

- Yeah, devious.

- Growing.

- Yes.

- Did the Elves blame Celebrimbor for making the rings of power?

- I mean, they feel conflicted about it, he, he's so quickly punished for doing it that I think casting blame at that point is pretty ruthless.

- How big is Middle-earth?

- It's pretty vast.

- Huge.

- It would take you a long time on a horse to travel across.

- Who are the bad guys in Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power?

You could make the case that the orcs, in particular, are the bad guys, but you know, it's a conflicted issue.

- Okay, are Elves and humans friends?

It's complicated!

- Definitely on the island of Numenor there's a schism happening.

- If you're a Numenorian, you might not be too keen on an elf, cause they live forever, and we don't, and we're a bit jealous of that fact.

- Who is Elendil?

- Me.

I'm Elendil.

- Elendil is the father of Isildur and founder of the kingdom of Gondor.

- Why were the Rings of Power created?

- To match an outfit.

- Well they were created by Sauron, - To control Middle-earth to one entity.

- Is that correct?

- No he only created the one to control those rings.

- Oh, but why were the rings of power created?

- To save Middle-earth, basically.

- To kind of save, save the elves.

- What are the Misty Mountains?

Where the dwarves live.

- Where to the Elves live?

- In the woods.

- Who is Isildur?

He's Elendil's son.

- Me.

[laughs] I'm Isildur.

- Potentially a problem child.

- Why is it called Middle-earth?

- It was something that Tolkien was playing with round about the Middle Ages idea, wasn't it?

That somehow, it gives it a time that is fantastical and yet rooted in some sort of historical reality.

- [in unison] We made it through.

- Fifty questions.

How do you think we did?

- Fine.

- I enjoyed that.

- Yeah it was really good.

- I love talking Tolkien, and you guys are incredibly fun and really good in the show.

- I mean, we could have stayed here for hours, - We probably got 30, 30 percent.

- I'm sure as a cast we answered all of them, beautifully.

- Thank you for watching!