Lots of sun ahead of a weather pattern change

We'll enjoy two more sunny, dry days before rain chances return this weekend.

Video Transcript

ELITA LORESCA: Happy Thursday, friends. I'm ABC 13 meteorologist Elita Loresca, and we've got some beautiful weather ongoing across southeast Texas. Now, it does look like we will eventually see a shift in that weather pattern, but before we get to those changes, let's talk about the next couple of days.

Lots of sunshine for your Thursday. Temperatures should top out somewhere around the mid 80s with 86 degrees. Now, you'll notice that we've got an abundance of sunshine, the warm temperatures, and also some lighter winds.

And all of these ingredients are going to result in some higher ozone pollution values. So you definitely want to be advised or be on the lookout of any sort of strenuous activity this afternoon, especially during those hours of 12:00 to 7:00 PM. You want to limit those activities because we are under an ozone pollution watch.

Meanwhile, temperature readings are expected to warm in the mid 80s. Overnight lows dropping down into the upper 50s to low 60s. There's still a few 50s on the map, but not as many as we've seen the last couple of mornings. And then eventually we'll be warming up as we get into the weekend. Also for the weekend, we've got some rain back into the picture.

This next cold front is expected to drop southward. The big question is the exact location. That's what we're going to be fine tuning in the days ahead. As that front swings closer toward Houston, depending on just how far south it digs, is going to dictate our rain chances. Right now we've got those rain chances building to 30% on Mother's Day.

Doesn't look it's going to be a washout, but we are going to need to monitor the radar, not just for rain, but maybe even a few scattered thunderstorms. Temperatures will be warming up. Temperatures will only drop off in the 70s for Mother's Day, and then eventually warming up into the mid to upper 80s.

Now, over the next seven days, that frontal boundary is going to stall. So wherever that front stalls is where we're going to see most of the moisture pooling. Rainfall totals over the next seven days will be less than an inch along the I-10 corridor and along our coastal communities. But north of I-10 and up here toward the Dallas Fort Worth area, north of the Piney Woods area, you can see those rain totals are starting to stack up.

Now, I will tell you, we just got the latest drought severity update. Let me show you what our drought looked like last week before that major front, that stalled front, brought that much-needed rain across the area. We were talking about severe and extreme drought down along our coastal communities. Notice the severe drought out towards south and west of Houston. Again, this was before those rains that moved in last Friday.

Well, take a look at the drought today. That rain event basically wiped out a lot of that severe drought and extreme drought along the immediate coastline. Areas like Sweeney that picked up those 8 to 10 inches of rain, that was definitely in your favor because it wiped away that severe and extreme drought and also the drought situation there.

Now, we still have some drought spots, but definitely not as bad as it was before last week's rain event. So as we fast forward into Mother's Day weekend, we've got some rain back in the forecast. And it does look like those rain chances will continue through at least the middle of next week. That's when we anticipate that front to blow through.

And with that front moving through sometime on Wednesday afternoon, Wednesday evening, those temperatures should drop off during the morning hours on Thursday into the low 60s with afternoon highs in the low to mid 80s. That's a look at your forecast. Thanks for watching.